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One the stupidest decisions in the history of GUIDING LIGHT was the decision to kill off the character of Ben Warren. Hunt Block, one of the most wildly magnetic and talented actors I've seen on a soap or elsewhere, made Ross' bad boy brother Ben into a sexually charged, charismatic figure with limitless possiblities. The clipset featuring Ben that I present today is only five parts long because I'm rather short on Ben Warren material for now, but rest assured that I will present more as materials become available. Also, it doesn't deal at all with his death, but rather it gives a good picture of his life.
Irresistible finds us in 1998, with Reva and Harley leading a gaggle of Springfield's ladies in a march against their hated common enemy, Ben. D.A. Ben is prosecuting Abigail Blume (the future Mrs. Rick Bauer) for the murder of Roy Meacham, whom she shot in open court. Reva, of course, needs to control the situation and see to it that the laws against murder are bent to accomodate her and her friend Abby and so she assembles Harley, Jenna, and Blake to figure a way to ride Ben out of town on a rail. The problem with this plan is that Blake is engulfed in the fires of uncontrollable lust whenever anyone so much as mentions Ben's name (I feel ya, Blake!)
Across town, Phillp and Rick are drowning their sorrows and trying to cheer each other up, after which, Phillp engages in another round of trying to maintain control of Beth's life while telling her constantly that he doesn't want her.
But the focus of these clips is big Ben Warren all the way: sarcastic, whip smart, indomitable, Irresistible.


Blogger sosquare said...

IVN, these "Irrestible" clips have been, well, irrestible. While I followed the entire Ross, Holly, and Blake triangle, I was absent for the Ben Warren storyline. I've since seen Hunt Block on ATWT, and only wish I could have seen him live as Ben.

Thanks for including him in your memories. Gosh, that guy is good.

11:50 PM  
Blogger oopsie82 said...

IVN, you were right on the money when you described Reva and her cronies. Man comes to town and does his job well and she decides that he is the cause of all of their problems so they must run him out of town. Could she be any more of a harpy?

Hunt Block/Ben Warren will continue to be one of my favorite characters of all time. I remember his scenes with Selena and how I almost cried my eyes out.

I wish they would bring Hunt Block back. I would love to see him take a stab at the role of Phillip Spaulding. Or bring him back as a different character. Or maybe we can find out that Ben has been in witness protection all this time. Just bring back Hunt Block.

Thanks so much for the wonderful clips and reminding me of how great the show was and can be again.

1:53 PM  
Blogger ivnkplng said...

"cronies"!!! LOL! LOL!

2:14 PM  

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