Sunday, November 26, 2006

As Long As Always Is

There are two different ways in which to enjoy these clips. The first and best way is to actively take pleasure in what you are seeing before you, regardless of its age or context. That's how I enjoy 95% of the clips I've been putting up. Then there is another, smaller percentage of clips that don't really hit me in any of my "special soapy places." These I try to appreciate purely from a historical perspective, sort of as "museum pieces."

As Long As Always Is is one such museum piece. Taken from October of 1987, it's a short sequence with Johnny Bauer and Roxie Shayne as Roxie struggles to get Johnny to let her help him deal with his cancer battle (not the best move, apparently, since it was Johnny's battle with cancer that eventually pushed Roxie toward a complete mental breakdown and institutionalization).
If there are fans of this couple reading this, I would like to know more about what made them special for you because I had a very hard time connecting with either one of them on any sort of emotional or personal level. James Goodwin's portayal of Johnny was a particular sticking point for me.

As Long As Always Is
For my next trick, I'm unveiling another new rotating feature in addition to my actor spotlights (see the Woman of Mystery post if you don't know what that is.) I'm starting a Then and Now feature which will showcase a character or set of characters at two different points in GL history. (The "Now" part might not necessarily be the present, but simply a significant amount of time away from the "Then".)

Today's subjects are Harley, Alan-Michael, and Dinah. Hungry Eyes finds these three in high school in 1988 with their friend Cameron Stewart (played by a pre-90210 Ian Ziering). Dinah is a sweetheart and Harley is... well, not a sweetheart. Paige Turco was Dinah at this time and Alan-Michael is played by Carl Ty Evans. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW fans will recognize Joe Lambie as Cameron's father, George. Lambie played the first Lloyd on SFT, before the late Robert Reed took over the role (Yes, Robert Reed from THE BRADY BUNCH).

Hungry Eyes
bonus, previously posted A-M/Dinah/Cameron clip from the same year.
Our "Now" is Coffee Talk and the year is 2005, when A-M returns to Springfield after a long absence to find Harley as the CEO of his family's multi-national company (if you don't know how this happened, don't ask!) and Dinah as a very changed woman working for Harley and on the brink of a new relationship. This clip also has some very nice moments featuring Mallet and a subtlely hysterical exchange when A-M congratulates Blake on her recently published novel (which humiliated Harley and Mallet).
big GLMP news!
I've set up a message board for us historical clip lovers to discuss the videos, general GL history, and the show of today. If this is something that interests you and you're not into fanbase wars, then come on over to the board!


Blogger Jane said...

I know what you mean about the portrayal of Johnny Bauer. Think "Dirty Dancing" which also came out in 1987. I think they were going for a Patrick Swaize type. It never worked for me back then and still doesn't. But it is nice to be reminded of the show's history.

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