Friday, November 17, 2006

Tangled Web

Today finds us in 1982, sorting through the convoluted connections between Springfield's young residents. Bauer godson Kelly Nelson is newly married to Morgan (played by Jennifer Cook), who is coveted by bad boy Josh Lewis. Hillary Bauer is trying to extricate herself from a relationship with clingy Derek Colby so that she can pursue a new romance with virile Tony Reardon, the object of tempestuous Vanessa Chamberlain's obsession. Nola Reardon wants to overcome her past with Kelly so she can begin a new life with Quint (referred to as "Mr. McCord" by everyone in town, including Nola! LOL!), who believes that the child Nola shares with Floyd Parker is actually Kelly's. Floyd just wants to be a part of his daughter's life and is blissfully unaware that his girlfriend Lesley Anne is being blackmailed by (wait for it)... Josh Lewis! Yes, it's a Tangled Web.
This tortured and fun sequence also features a musical appearance by pop singer Bertie Higgins, funky disco fashions, and a bartender who appears to have wandered onto GL from the set of a Village People music video. RYAN'S HOPE fans may recognize Rose Alaio (ex-Rose, RH) as Helena in this sequence.
Also, look for an intriguing subplot involving Maureen Reardon happening upon remnants of boyfriend Ed Bauer's past. To that end, I will be including in this post a link to a clip that i posted months ago which furthers this particular Ed/Alan/Maureen storyline along, as well as another link to another previously posted clip that gives more of Josh's blackmailing of Lesley Anne.

Enjoy Tangled Web.

clip 1 * clip 7 ** clip 13 * bonus Ed/Alan/Maureen clip
clip 2 * clip 8 ** clip 14 * bonus Kelly/Hillary/Josh/Lesley Anne clip
clip 3 * clip 9 ** clip 15
clip 4 * clip 10 * clip 16
clip 5 * clip 11 * clip 17
clip 6 * clip 12

**Thanks for the requests! I will honor them as I'm able and I've started a new "Request Archive" on my computer so that I can easily refer to them all in one place when considering new series. lady_t, I do have some Sonni/Will/Josh/Reva stuff which I will put up within a few weeks. The only Alan-Michael/Eleni material I have is with Blake, not Frank. That will go up fairly soon and I will look for Frank clips. They may not be included in the Alan-Michael/Eleni/Blake/Holly series, but rather in a future set.
Thornbirds-- I don't currently have either of your requests, but they are archived and I will be on the lookout for them!**


Blogger Misty Row said...

Thanks, Ivn. Also, I'm curious, out of ALL of the GL openings we've had over the years, which is your favorite? Me, personally, I love the "My Guiding Light" theme, (the slow, lush, beautiful tune with the opening that featured the 4 musketeers, etc, from I believe 1984-1887 - I actually weep when I watch that (over and over in its variations) on WOST. But 2nd comes the one before then, the uptempo one with the disco theme. That one rocks too. Yours? Anyone else have an opinion?

2:31 PM  
Blogger ivnkplng said...

without a doubt, the 1976-1980 opening with the sunlight through the trees and that gorgeous harp and string tune. it's from long before i started watching, but since i've becone familiar with it, it's my alltime favorite soap theme ever.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Misty Row said...

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4:18 PM  
Blogger Misty Row said...

Interesting, Ivn. When I first started watching the Light, it was back in 1978 (The whole Roger/Holly storyline with the Santo Domingo stuff) - and that was the theme that I was introduced to. Pleasant and simplistic. It's wierd because it was so short, too. Have you heard the version of it with the female voice singing the notes to it (no dialogue?) I like that version.

Another that I like, that I forgot to mention was - I don't remember the year, but more recent - when Joan Collins was on, and they had the circles, and the characters were in different color circles..and Reva and Josh were 1st, and Blake and Ross were last. I really liked that one, too.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Lady Tiara said...

thanks, ivn. i'm looking forward to these clips. i have to admit that i preferred alan-michael to frank in that triangle. which blake is it? I think sherry stringfield was still playing blake when a-m first married eleni. i remember an episode where ss as blake called immigration on eleni, hoping to get her deported, but if backfired on her because a-m spontaneously proposed to eleni. poor blake always has been her own worst enemy.

11:20 AM  

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