Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From Here to Infinity

The mid-80's were a time of big things: big spending, big hair, big shoulder pads, etc. GUIDING LIGHT, during this time, tended to do things in a big way as well and they were quite successful for their efforts. Many viewers see this time in the show's history as the "glory years" and it was the last time that GL held the number one position in the Neilsen ratings.

The 1985 wedding of Mindy Lewis and Kurt Corday is an example of the lavish production values that went into the show at this time. The outdoor location shoot boasts hordes of extras, animals, carriages of various types, and gorgeous costumes (well... most of them are gorgeous) and set pieces. This event is also an example of the appropriate usage of this kind of excess. It's overblown and larger than life, but in a way that is exciting and otherwise stimulating and doesn't detract from the real emotions of the situation at hand.
The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for the reception which features a convoluted (to the point of unintelligibilty) intrigue plot involving Billy's mind being controlled via an image in Lujack's music video. Improbably, no fewer than three separate shootings occur at this time, one of them wounding Maeve Stoddard (played by the always luminous and watchable Leslie Denniston). The more I see of this character and of Denniston's work, the more I wish I had more material featuring her. It's also worth mentioning that the moment where Reva realizes that a wounded Maeve is pregnant with Kyle's child is the point that resonates the best in this set.
This clipset also confirms a suspicion that I've had for awhile, which is that John Bolger was actually really good as Phillip. I've never quite been able to buy into popular opinion about this character, but Bolger adds a level of charm and sympathy to Phillip that makes me want to view the character the way most other viewers do... and he looks hella good in his Prince Charming pants! LOL!
So, when all is said and done, if you can ignore the Infinity nonsense at the reception, this is a very enjoyable set of clips: romantic and fun and suspenseful.
Enjoy From Here to Infinity--
Also, here is a previously presented short set dealing with the aftermath of this event.
The Woman You Love--
Finally, for the fate of Kurt and more of the Maeve/Kyle/Reva triangle, refer to the Dearly Beloved blog entry.


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