Monday, August 06, 2007

Sins of the Father

During the last part of 2004, GUIDING LIGHT was said to be "on fire." This was due mainly to the "Reva meets Jonathan" and the "Phillip is shot" plots. These two high profile storylines had the press and fans alike in a lather about a GL renaissance and did much to create a very positive feeling about the show in most sectors.

There was a third major storyline going on at that time and while I did enjoy the Jonathan and Phillip stories very much, my favorite thing going at that time was the Holly scenario. After Maureen Garrett was dropped from her contract status in 2003 and then from the show entirely in early 2004, I despaired of ever seeing her again. You can well imagine my surprise and pleasure when it was announced that Holly would be receiving a front-burner storyline featuring closure for her past with Roger. The initial reception was good, but then a lot of public sentiment seemed to turn against it as viewers focused on the flaws in the story rather than on the continuing brilliant work being turned in day after day from Garrett.

For my part, I loved the story of Holly being forced to look head on at the deepest, darkest parts of herself and her past. I loved being able to luxuriate in heaping helpings of Garrett's magic and it was for that reason that I was able to overlook some of the potholes in the story and Doug Hutchison's excessive acting choices in his portrayal of Sebastian. The good parts of this storyline far outweighed the bad as far as I was concerned and I was heartbroken when Holly abruptly vanished early on in 2005.

For those of you that may remember not enjoying this storyline, I urge you to take another look. There's a lot here that is worthy of reevaluation. When I started this Project in April of 2006, this story was one of the things that I wanted to revisit. It's taken me over a year to get the materials, but I'm now very pleased to present Sins of the Father.

Sins of the Father--
(clips A through D were previously presented under the title He Is Just Away)


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