Friday, March 07, 2008

The Storm After

A funny thing happened as I was putting up this clipset. I actually started to enjoy it. As some of you may know, I am not a great lover of mid-80's GUIDING LIGHT. Considered by many to be the "golden age" of the show, I tend to find it severely overblown, stilted, and too derivitive of the glitzy primetime entertainments that were so successful at the time, like DALLAS and DYNASTY. Those aspects of this time period are very evident as this clipset begins, but a sincerity begins to peek through as it goes on that I had perhaps not really appreciated before.

The Storm After is taken from November of 1985. It's 24 clips that present the vast majority of three consecutive episodes that immediately follow the shootout at Mindy and Kurt's wedding and reception, which can be seen in From Here to Infinity. It begins with Mindy and Billy being hauled into jail and moves through Maureen's decision to allow Ed to operate on a critically injured Maeve and also provides a good look at Reva's struggle to deal with Kyle's lingering feelings for Maeve-- a task made all the more difficult because of Miss Sally, who takes no small pleasure in throwing those feelings in Reva's face. We also see the beginnings of the India/Simon romance toward the end of the set as well as some truly moving work from Frances Fisher as Suzette and the always delightful Mary Kay Adams as India.

Having said all that, by way of demonstrating one of the things I really dislike about this period, I propose a drinking game to be played while watching the first nine clips of this set. Take a drink every time H.B., Billy, or Kurt calls somebody "darlin'" or Lujack calls somebody "man."
Darlin', I have no doubt that you will be trashed by the end of Clip 9-- because they say it a lot, man!

Finally, I'd like to let everyone know that we will be coming back to the storylines in this set every couple of months or so with several consecutive and mostly complete episodes. We'll pick up right where this set leaves off sometime in the Spring.

Enjoy The Storm After--

clip 1 , clip 2 , clip 3 , clip 4 , clip 5 , clip 6
clip 7 , clip 8 , clip 9 , clip 10 , clip 11 , clip 12
clip 13 , clip 14 , clip 15 , clip 16 , clip 17 , clip 18
clip 19 , clip 20 , clip 21 , clip 22 , clip 23 , clip 24


Blogger Jane said...

Great clip set, Ivn! Please come back! We miss you and GLMP.

3:44 PM  
Blogger VincentFan1 said...

While I didn't care for the Infinity plot either, as all that was IMO was GL's PTB copying General Hospital's popular action/adventure storylines of that period, what I loved were the rich characters and the relationships, which were NOT neglected. Lujack and Beth are still my favorite young love story, after 35 years of watching soaps. That he "died" in her arms makes me cry to this day, no matter how many times I've seen it.

That said, GL now has a rare opportunity to bring VI home where he belongs, where it all began 25 years ago this November. But I want to see BOTH of Alex's sons return, because she deserves the miracle of her family intact. Why Lujack had to be "dead" and what he did while he was away would generate much story and conflict between the brothers who have never met, their mother, Alan, and of course Beth, who's never met Nick! I'm writing to all of the soap magazines, Wheeler, and CBSD President Barbara Bloom to not let this rare opportunity pass them by. I urge longtime GL fans who feel the same way to do the same! :)

7:30 PM  

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