Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Friend Indeed

The early part of 1979, was tortured time on GUIDING LIGHT. The canvas was arrayed in a variety of complicated situations, courtesy of outgoing headwriters, Jerome and Bridget Dobson. The Holly/Roger rape case was getting started, including Rita's conflicted involvement in the proceedings. Jackie Marler's painful struggle to keep her motherhood of Phillip a secret was affecting many lives. Ben and Eve's marriage was rocked to its core by Amanda Middleton and her controlling mother Lucille. The Bauers were just getting their equilbrium back after the reveal of Bill's secret daughter Hillary, who was involved an affair with the married rapist Roger Thorpe.

But Hillary had a friend. And, oh what a friend! The character of Katie Parker was an oasis of light on the show. Played by the highly charismatic Denise Pence, Katie's sly wit and matter-of-fact way of dealing with life was a beautiful counterpoint to the mountains of anguish that surrounded her-- most notably, sad sack Hillary. The show wisely featured Katie in relatively light-hearted storylines that capitalized on Pence's comedic talents, but positioned her in the activity hub of Cedars nurses' station so as not to isolate her from the rest of the town.

A Friend Indeed is a lovely look at Katie as she deals with the arrival of her ne'er-do-well brother Floyd (played by the hilarious Tom Nielsen) as well as her back and forth pursuit/avoidance of stiff-as-a-board Dr. Mark Hamilton. This set also features nice glimpses of Charita Bauer as Bert counsels Hillary on her many, many, many woes.

Enjoy A Friend Indeed--


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Yeah! Katie Parker Rocks! (and so does GLMP!)

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