Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Chase

Alrighty then! It’s back to business as usual here at the GLMP blog with a clipset from 1980. The Chase deals with the pursuit of Roger Thorpe by Ed and Mike Bauer as Roger drags ex-wife Holly Norris through the streets, beaches, jungles, and caves of Santo Domingo.
I have to say it’s very unsettling to see this brutal, vicious side of Roger firsthand over an extended period of time. People (me included) tend to acknowledge that Roger committed these acts without fully embracing what kind of man does these things. These episodes were written when Michael Zaslow was leaving the show and it’s not only because of Roger’s “death” at the end of The Chase that it seems clear that he wasn’t expected to return. The character seems a far cry from the debonair, troubled scoundrel that charmed audiences in the 90’s, but Zaslow is still possesses the same white-hot screen presence, maybe even more so because of the extremes of the character at the time.
What I also love about this sequence are the location shots, especially once Roger and Holly paddle into the caves. The music and the visuals and those two legendary characters all combine to form a truly dazzling, awe-inspiring moment in clip 11.

As the anniversary of the show rapidly approaches, looking back at huge events like this one is an even more satisfying experience than usual. These stories and these characters and these actors are the stuff that GUIDING LIGHT legends are made of.

And so, enjoy The Chase.


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