Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Terrible Thing to Waste

One of the most popular couples in the history of GUIDING LIGHT consisted of Tony Reardon and Annabelle Simms. I've been remiss in not presenting more of them as part of this project. I guess part of that is due to the difficulty I've had in really keying into this period in GL's history.

It's easy to see why audiences warmed so to this couple. Tony is the quintessential rugged, working class, alpha male with a heart of gold-- a soap staple that's often attempted but rarely rings quite true. Greg Beecroft is literally perfect in this role hitting all the right notes with Tony's outer bravado and inner depth. Soap royalty Harley Jane Kozak (most famous as doomed Mary Capwell on SANTA BARBARA) is beautifully natural as sensitive, intelligent, no-nonsense Annabelle.

Today's clipset, A Terrible Thing to Waste, finds us at the beginning of 1984 as Tony and Annabelle prepare for their wedding and contend with troublemaking new acquaintance Lujack (a character I don't think I will ever enjoy, but whose raw sexual magnetism made him a star of this era). Complicating matters is Tony's sudden health crisis, a result of a fall taken during their famous Lake Elizabeth adventure.

This is a very simple set of clips highlighting Tony's pride and fear as well as the deep friendship between him and Floyd Parker. The story is a fairly common one as one romantic partner struggles to protect the other from having to deal with a life-threatening illness, but the deft pen of Richard Culliton (one of my favorite soap writers and the last person that knew how to write ALL MY CHILDREN)) and Pam Long (before she set about destroying GL) and through the talents of these fine actors, the story feels fresh and vital.

Also, keep your eyes peeled during clip 10 for a look at controversial soap scribe Megan McTavish as Lola Fontaine.

Enjoy A Terrible Thing to Waste--
For a look at what happens when Annabelle finds out about Tony's condition, view these previously posted clips from the set Masquerade.


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