Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shots In the Dark

As some of you may know, April 30th will mark the one year anniversary of the very beginning of this Memory Project. It was on that day in 2006 that I posted my first historical GL clip at YouTube. I've been using April of 2007 to celebrate the anniversary by making a few changes at the GLMP message board as well as by posting clipsets here at the blog that hold special significance of one sort or another for me.
This week, I'd like to take you to the GUIDING LIGHT that I stepped into-- the GL I initially fell in love with toward the end of 1993 when I started watching the show. The GL that I came to love had no Reva, no Harley, and no Phillip , yet somehow managed to be a brilliant, incredibly satisfying hour of television five days a week even without them. "Blasphemy!" Yes I know. "Such a thing is utterly impossible!" Well, not really.
Shots in the Dark is taken from a pair of episodes in December of 1993 that marked a party thrown by Billy and Vanessa to celebrate the engagement of Mindy Lewis and Nick Spaulding. A confrontation between surprise guest Alexandra (Marj Dusay in some of her first days on the show) and gatecrasher Roger (the always explosive Michael Zaslow) turns the party into a horrific barroom brawl of unrivaled proportions.
This unbelievably thrilling group event, studded with literally dozens of electrifying performances, is one of the most unforgettablly involving moments in the history of the show. Impossibly, there's more in store after the fight when Roger is shot by an (at the time) unknown assailant and Alexandra is unable (unwilling!) to mask her contempt for bride-to-be Mindy.
This clipset also boasts wonderful performances by (among many others) Melissa Hayden as Bridget and Geoffrey Scott as Billy. Also, you'll note the presence of Marcy Walker as Tangie Hill. Loyal readers of this blog are aware that the casting of Walker is is one of the reasons I started watching GL, so you can expect to see more of Tangie at some point during GLMP's second year of bringing you the best from GL's 70-year history.
Shots In the Dark--
Be here next week for a gargantuan tribute to one of my absolute favorite storylines of all time to celebrate GLMP's milestone anniversary! :)


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if next week has anything to do with holly, i will most definitely be here! aww, who am i kidding, i'll be here no matter what. i love this blog and what you've done with it. let the light shine!

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