Thursday, March 08, 2007

King of the Mountain

1988 was a year of recovery for GUIDING LIGHT. Former Miss Alabama, Pam Long, the woman primarlily responsible for making the show into the larger-than-life cartoon that it became in the mid-80's apparently realized the error of her ways upon her return to the headwriter position toward the end of the decade. 1988 saw the beginnings of a reclamation of the core of humanity and realism that had been GL's hallmark for most of its life.

King of the Mountain is a terrific example of this shift. Dealing with Phillip's obligatory family grab for Spaulding Enterprises and hollow victory over Alan, this clipset is a welcome look at the show as it grounds itself back in reality. Phillip fans should get a real thrill out of these clips, heavy as they are with the work of Grant Aleksander as he and his character really come into their own as grown-up forces to be reckoned with. This set is also interesting for its portrayal of the genuine feelings that existed between Reva and Alan.
Finally, this episode is among Chris Bernau's last as Alan Spaulding. Bernau continued to appear on GL until AIDS left him unable to do so. Bernau would pass on in 1989, leaving a legacy of work as Alan that has yet to be equalled.
So, here is King of the Mountain.
And here's a dose of previously posted Spaulding goodness. It's a rollicking set from 2002 featuring Joan Collins as Alexandra. The subject of Phillip's Ex-Wives' Club is, of course a bid for control of Spaulding Enterprises. Alexandra collects all of the women Phillip has been married to in order to take advantage of their voting power as a new CEO of Spaulding is determined. Fun for so many reasons, not the least of which is blazing face-off between Beth and Olivia, this set is a great trip to the recent past.
Phillip's Ex-Wives' Club


Blogger Jane said...

Thanks for the memories!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Maddiemess said...

I've just recently discovered your website and have spent far too much time relieving the great momments of the past when I should be working instead. Trust me - that's a good thing! Would you happen to have any clips from HB's funeral or more from the Rusty and Mindy romance?

7:42 PM  
Blogger ivnkplng said...

Maddie, check out the "Woman In Mind" blog entry for Rusty/Mindy. I don't currently have H.B.'s funeral, but the "Outstanding Citizen" entry has some great scenes with him.

9:19 PM  

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